Mohammed Jellou
Agouti, Tabant, Azilal, Maroc 22452
Tax Professionelle No 41670208

Booking, execution, operator liability

With all tours you have a choice: you can book directly with me in Morocco, using Moroccan travel laws, or you can book using European travel laws in Germany with my partner travel agent, Rauch Reiseladen, for the same price.

In Morocco, I will work for you as a tourist manager, making use of local travel agents and licensed transportation companies.

For the execution of all bookings from Germany, I will work with my partner travel agent, Rauch Reiseladen, which is a tour operator in Germany and works in accordance with European travel laws:


Rauch Reiseladen, Ledererstrasse 7, DE-84453 Mühldorf, info@rauch-reiseladen.de.
General business terms, imprint, and all other legal information about Rauch Reiseladen can be found at www.rauch-reiseladen.de.


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