Easy hiking to the mountain meadow of Ikkis

Tentative Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival in Marrakesh

If you have booked air travel with us, we will pick you up at the Marrakesh airport and will take you to the hotel in the old part of the city. Alternatively, you will arrive individually at the hotel.

This is where your Moroccan adventure will start: In Marrakesh. You will have time for a first look at our culture. In the evening, we will have dinner with all participants to get to know each other.

Hotel accommodation in Marrakesh

Day 2 – Transfer to the Valley

Today, we will take off on our journey. Today, we have many miles of traveling ahead of us – but the terrific views are worth it. After about two and a half hours on the road, we will reach the Ouzoud Falls. These waterfalls are one of the most magnificent natural wonders of Morocco, which also makes them a huge magnet for tourism. The view of the more than 30 foot cascading waterfalls will make up for the teeming mass of people there. With a bit of luck, we will be blessed with a rainbow on top of the waterfalls. In the vicinity, there is always a small population of very inquisitive and friendly Barbary apes. After a shared lunch near the waterfalls, you will have enough time to walk around individually, to relax, or to take a short boat trip. In the afternoon, we will continue on with the second leg of our trip and will take our minibus to Agouti. Depending on our time of arrival, we will take a short walk through the village, drink our first cup of tea, and check into our accommodation. There will be a shared dinner in the evening.

Accommodation in Agouti

Day 3 – our first hike – to Tafnfant (2513m)

Today, our adventure will start – in the morning, we will meet our mules for the first time. After breakfast, we will pack our luggage onto our mules and practice riding them on the premises of our inn before we take off. On an easy and well-kept path, we will hike or ride through the Happy Valley. On our way, our cook will treat us to a delicious lunch. In the afternoon, we will leave the valley and ascent to the high plateau of Tafnfant. From up there, we will have a perfect view of the whole green valley, and now it becomes perfectly clear to see why it is called the Happy Valley. On the high plateau, we will set up camp, take care of the mules, build our tents, have dinner, and then spend some time around the campfire under the open sky.

Tent accommodation

Day 4 – from Tafnfant to Azib N ikkis – (2300m) From the high plateau to the spring

Today we will roam the wild and untouched landscape of the high mountains before we cross the mountain pass at 3000m. After a well-deserved and relaxing nut break, we will walk slowly along a very beautiful Nomad path to Ikkis, a mountain pasture surrounded by trees. Barley, sweetcorn, and apples are grown here. In the summer months, you will see the animals come back to their stables: Goats, sheep, cattle and donkeys. In the afternoon, we will ride through a gorge to water springs, where children and adults can drink refreshing spring water and have a natural shower if they like. After feeding our mules, we will have a shared dinner to end the day.

Tent accommodation

Day 5 – Riding our mules back to the valley

The sun will wake us in our tents. Together with our helpers, we will get our mules ready and tidy ourselves up. It is now time to go back. On the backs of our mules, or hiking, whatever you choose, we will head for the valley. Along the way, you will gain insight into how difficult the way of life is here in the valley. You will see many people working, sowing, harvesting, working in the fields, and doing their laundry in the river.

On our way, our cook, who in the meantime will have become almost the most important person on our journey, will prepare a delicious picnic for lunch. Back in the valley, we will enjoy the luxury of a hotel and will check into our rooms. Shared dinner at the hotel.

Accommodation in Aguerd N Ouzrou

Day 6 – Granary and School

The valley itself has plenty more to discover. From our hotel, we will go to the Granary of Sidi Moussa. Many legends have been woven around this storage fortress, which is located on a conical mountain peak. Until just a few decades ago, the residents of the valley stored their harvest and family heirlooms in small chambers there. Up there, we will enjoy a magnificent view of the valley.

If possible, we will visit the village’s school after that. You will see how children in Morocco are taught at school, what they learn, and everything associated with school life in the countryside. Alternatively, during the Moroccan summer vacation, we will try to visit a kindergarten. This part of our itinerary is very much dependent on the timing of our visit and the schedule of the school or kindergarten.

For lunch, our cook will prepare a fantastic meal at a picnic area. There will be a breaktime to take a dip in a river.

Along our way, we will discover the footprints of the dinosaurs. Was it a tyrannosaurus? Our search for traces is a real highlight for the children. We will walk on through fields and pastures, along fruit trees and walnut plantations. On our way, we will see small granaries made of clay, high up on the outlook hills. In the valleys, fruit trees and iris grow. We will immerse ourselves in the way of life and culture of the Berber people. We will get to know their daily lives and will be enchanted by their hospitality. Shared dinner in the evening.

Accommodation in Aguerd N Ouzrou

Day 7 – Goodbye to the valley

Every dream must come to an end. After days of nature and hiking, our mind is free. Before we make our way back into the hustle and bustle of the cities, we will treat ourselves to one last view of the mountains. We will drive back to Marrakesh from our small Berber valley by minibus, full of unique impressions and unforgettable experiences. After about two hours, we will arrive at the natural bridge of Imí´nÍfri at the foot of the High Atlas. After a short hike there (about 45 min) and a short tea break, we will make our way to Marrakesh, which we will reach after another two hours, shortly after lunchtime.

In Marrakesh, you will have some spare time on your hands. Dive into the heart of the city and the hustle and bustle of the souks and their merchants, the snake charmers, and the dentists, all of whom await you.

We will have a last shared dinner. It is time to say goodbye.

Accommodation in Marrakesh.

Day 8 – Departure

Today your vacation in my beautiful home country will come to an end. You can opt for a private extension of your stay. If you have booked the travel package that includes the flights, we will take you to the Marrakesh airport for your flight after breakfast. Your Moroccan adventure is over … see you again soon … Salam

Recommended for children age 7+.
Riding mules for children under 12 only if accompanied by an adult (2 persons on one mule).

Important: Due to unforeseen circumstances and local events, this itinerary may have to be changed on short notice.

Price not including flight:

Adults EUR 929,-
Children (7 to 14y) EUR 599,-

Extra information: We will spend some nights in tents (occupancy: 2). Please bring your own sleeping bag. Alternatively, you can rent a sleeping bag in Morocco for a charge of EUR 50.

Tips (about EUR 100 per adult) are not included.

Level of difficulty: easy. Immunity to high altitude and surefootedness, as well as an appropriate level of fitness for short hiking are advised.